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Hypersomnia Does Not Define You

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“This is Hypersomnia” Campaign

Welcome to day 5 of Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week!  #IHAW2016  Christine is back with us again today.  You may recall her videos describing her Hypersomnia crash.

In today’s first video, Christine is thankful for Flumazenil but it is certainly not a cure for Hypersomnia.  In today’s second video, Christine has a special message for the hypersomnia community.  She wants you to know that Hypersomnia does not define you.  We know you will find her uplifting and hopeful message to the community a great way to bring the video diaries of people with hypersomnia to a close.  Tomorrow will start our supporter video series.

Christine Describes her Life with Hypersomnia

Hypersomnia Does Not Define You

Thank you Christine!

We want to thank Christine for bravely sharing her experience with the world for idiopathic hypersomnia awareness week 2016, in the hopes that sharing her journey will help someone else out there who is desperately searching for answers and is feeling totally alone. We are so proud of you Christine!  Has Christine’s video inspired you to share a video diary?  Please private message them to Jennifer Beard on Facebook.