Hypersomnia Support Group Events Past and Future

Lunch After October Support Group Meeting


It was a great lunch with Atlanta Support Group members after yesterday’s October support group meeting.  Our support group has grown so much that yesterday, we had our first supporter breakout session!  We look forward to keeping that going.  PWH having a support group meeting and a support group meeting just for supporters too!  If you weren’t able to make it yesterday, we hope to see you on November 5th!  For those who attended, it was wonderful to see you!

Successful Stone Mountain Awake Walk 2016


We want to congratulate the community on a successful Stone Mountain Awake Walk 2016.  We want to thank Sara and appreciate her taking this event on and planning it!  Great job Sara!  It may have poured rain, but we had a sunny good time.  If you were able to join us, it was great to see you.  If you missed this event, we hope to see you soon.  We look forward to doing more social outings like this in the future.

Last Day to book Snooze Cruise 2017 for $50

Today is your last day to secure your dual occupancy cabin for Snooze Cruise 2017 for $50!  However, if you want to buy yourself a few more days, complete the “I’m Interested” form here http://bit.ly/SnoozeCruise2017 Anyone who completes this form today will have until our travel agent, Deb, contacts them to put down their $50 deposit.  Every cabin that books gets a $50 on-board credit so what do you have to lose? 

——> For more information on pricing (prices listed are for 2 people), go here http://www.atlantahypersomniasupport.com/50-deposit-books-your-cabin-for-snooze-cruise-2017/

——> And join our Snooze Cruise 2017 Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1015711938550241/

What is Snooze Cruise 2017?

Snooze Cruise 2017 is a hypersomnia support group retreat.  We will have daily support group meetings for people with hypersomnia and breakout groups just for supporters!  So bring your friends, spouses, children, and family with you!  We are inspired by the overwhelming response we have already received for this support group retreat and have a wonderful group of people and families already booked from all over the nation, and even internationally.  80% new cruisers and so many people who have never even met another person with hypersomnia are looking forward to joining us.  Won’t you join us for this relaxing and empowering support group retreat?  We look forward to Snooze Cruisin’ with you!

Snooze Cruise 2017 Itinerary