Don’t Miss Booking Snooze Cruise 2017 for $50

Carnival TriumphDon’t Miss Booking Snooze Cruise for $50

  • Every cabin booked will receive a $50 on-board credit

  • Daily support group meetings in a dedicated space

  • Supporter breakout groups

    Only 1 week left to reserve your dual occupancy Snooze Cruise cabin at the special $50 deposit rate**.  After October 3, 2016, the deposit will increase to $150 per person.  Each Snooze Cruise cabin will receive a $50 on-board credit.  If you are thinking about joining us and are on the fence about it, consider reserving your cabin type (interior, ocean view, or balcony) now at the $50 deposit rate.  If you find you are unable to join us on the cruise, your $50 deposit is fully refundable until Friday November 25, 2016.

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**$150 per person deposit is required for a triple or quad occupancy cabin or to select a specific cabin number.  $50 deposit is to reserve a double occupancy cabin with guaranteed cabin type (interior, ocean view or balcony) but cabin number will not be assigned until full $150 deposit per person has been paid.